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Coconut oil


Welcome to fresh-coconut, the online shop for unrefined, organic virgin coconut oil
(and other high quality organic oils)

We are an online shop for food we believe is good for you. We believe in unprocessed natural foods. Virgin coconut oil is one such food. The health benefits people get from this virgin coconut oil are numerous. But also other unrefined organic oils like flax oil or hemp seed oil are a long establishd source for good health.

We forbear from giving any medical or health advice on this website, since it is for sales purpose only. But you can find a lot of information on coconut oil on the internet (see our link list) and in the books you can purchase on our website.


Customer coment

"Our first VCO order arrived yesterday. It is by far the best we've ever uesd. We have tried two other suppliers, and both have been disappointing. Fresh-Coconut VCO is cleaner, fresher and sweeter smelling and best of all does not leave a soapy aftertaste.
I'll definitely be ordering more. Thanks"
Jackie - Milton Keynes Jan. 2005